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Yoga, Instructor

Rebecca Morley

I have had a passion for Yoga from a very early age, practicing many different styles. I discovered Hot Yoga as a way to deal with stress, found the path to inner peace and am passionate about the benefits of yoga for positive mental, physical and spiritual health. I trained at the Yogahaven training school in Morocco where the unique style of hot yoga is called “leela”, meaning “play” in Sanskrit. So put a smile on your face and join me on the mat with an open heart and open mind. Love & Light 

Mia Shaw

I was blessed to take my first ever yoga class at Hot Buddha 3 years ago. Over time I experienced a transformation not only of a physically unhealthy lifestyle but also mentally letting go. I was truly blessed to learn and be inspired by fellow students along with being guided by some of the most inspirational teachers that are resident at Hot Buddha today.


The nurture , love and abundance within the studio inspired me to give back and in September 2017 I qualified as a yoga alliance 200hr certified instructor under the guidance and expertise of Stu Alexander and Frank Perry. I have been privileged to practice in many places across the world with my most memorable experiences being in India, Thailand and Indonesia. As such, my heart connects with Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles however, as I continue to feed my passion for yoga through learning, I have explored several other forms including Bikram, Iyengar, Yin and restorative. 
Yoga is much more than a workout, it's a union of mind,body and breath along with a community that truly feels like home

Yoga, Instructor

Louise Allward


I first discovered Yoga at the age of 16 and practiced at home to a DVD primarily for fitness. I have a background in massage, energy healing and holistic therapy and for me, yoga encapsulates the essence of them by working on the mind, body and spirit. In my mid twenties I explored different styles of yoga and found each class would give me a unique release, whether it was a burst of endurance and focus during a challenging flow, a sense of achievement holding a posture I never thought I could achieve or crying out of no where during a Yin class! My mat was a sanctuary, a place for inner reflection, self discovery and fun and I was hooked! Yoga builds self confidence, self esteem and appreciation of your body which all reflect in other aspects of your life. Yoga can change your life!


Last year I completed my 200hr YTT course and qualified as a Yin instructor and I am excited to see what the future brings with this new chapter! Take just one hour out of your hectic life, just for you to connect body, breath and mind and you will feel a difference. With an open heart and an open mind start your journey with me.


A photograph of the yoga instructor: Sharda Schwartz

Sharda Schwartz

Although I have always been quite an active person, it was yoga that found me during a very difficult time in my life. When I discovered the joy enhancing benefits of yoga, both mentally and physically, I knew had to find a way to share it with others.

I took my YTT L3 in 2014 with the wonderful Conrad Paul of Yoga Professionals and have been hosting classes ever since.

I would discribe my teaching style as playful and light hearted. I believe that yoga should be a fun and freeing safe place that brings about healing through the art of movement, breath and laughter.
I look forward to practicing with you soon!

A photograph of the yoga instructor: Louise Rourke

Louise Rourke

Yoga found me at a difficult time in my life and changed my life forever. By linking breath and movement I opened myself up to become more aware … of myself, others and my emotions. The awareness yoga brings helps us to better understand who we are, it gives us strength, flexibility and when practiced with devotion- inner peace. For me it’s pure magic and that’s the reason I teach… I would describe my classes as, strong, mindful, informative and always suitable for beginners.

I have been teaching at Hot Buddha since 2016 until I took a break recently for myself and my own practice, I have now returned to teach on a Thursday evening ready to share the love…come breathe with me!


A photograph of the yoga instructor: Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin

From my very first yoga class, I was hooked on the way it made me feel—strong, centred, and at peace. Over the years, I've practised with a variety of teachers and styles, and I immersed myself in my teacher training to deepen my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and my own practice.

To me, yoga is a metaphor for life, the linking of breath and movement in yoga mirrors the way we navigate the ups and downs of life. It's a way of finding peace and clarity amidst the ebbs and flows of our existence.

My classes focus on movement, breath, and mindfulness. I enjoy learning about the mechanics of the body, creating a certain atmosphere in class, and using the physical postures to send energy to different places within the body, releasing tension and opening up.

I'm honoured to share this practice with others and to guide them on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation—breathe and move on your mat, and everything else will evolve.



I chose to take my yoga teacher training in 2018 (a life goal!) after I found myself needing something more than the hectic life I led. During the training I realised I have a passion for sharing with others the yoga and breath work that I love. I would love for others to feel as good as I do when I practice yoga, both on and off the mat. 

I went to my first (Ashtanga) yoga class at the age 19 and, being from a dancing background, I initially loved the physicality of the practice. Since then I’ve practiced a variety of styles of yoga and my favourites are Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Over the years I’ve discovered a love for the mind and body connection in yoga and this really is the most challenging part of the practice for me! 

I teach part time, as I also have a Corporate job, I am a Career and Life coach and a dog mum. My classes take inspiration from my personal practice and my favourite teachers including North West teachers Sue Diamond, Laura Booth and Andrea Everingham and US/Canada based teachers Brett Larkin, Jason Crandell and Kassandra Reinhardt.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat 😀



Adele Whitty

My Yoga journey began over 12 years ago when I attended a hot yoga class for the first time and I was hooked! Yoga for me is escapism… an hour or two to myself with the added benefits of working on strength, flexibility and agility but fundamentally it’s escapism; a dedicated time to go within without outside thinking just being present in that moment releasing anything that doesn’t serve me. 

I decided to do my teacher training after being in lockdown, having done zoom classes online I felt I needed more to deepen my own practice so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped right in completing a intensive 200 hr YTT and 50 hrs adjustments course with Julia Gavin founder of Palm Trees Yoga School Goa and Liverpool yoga academy. 

Since then I’ve also completed 30hrs Yin with Samastah Teacher  Training.  My preferred yoga style I like to teach is Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow and Power yoga, however I like to attend many forms of yoga classes In my personal practice.  Namaste

Dione Newton

For me, yoga has always been a form of medicine, it heals and it strengthens the mind & body. 
I discovered Hot Yoga in my 20s and I have since explored various styles, but I always find myself gravitating towards the hot room. Vinyasa flow is a personal favourite, it never fails to enhance my mood and set a positive tone for the day ahead. I’ve spent many hours flowing on the mat energising, letting go and righting many wrongs.  


When I trained to teach, I wanted my students to feel this release, so their day could be lightened after flowing, breathing, and silencing the mind. Sometimes, I incorporate sound relaxation into my practice to deepen the experience and help soothe the mind and body. From entrancing sound baths to simple enhancements during savasana.  

With a tuning fork in hand, I'm excited to guide you through your practice in Hot Buddha to help you drift off your mat, and carry that tranquillity into your day!


Helen Downey

My Yoga journey started about 10yrs ago when I was an event manager in London. I was was initially drawn to the practice as it really helped reduce stress and anxiety.

I then went travelling and never looked back, over the years after leaving London I tried many forms of yoga and fell in love with Vinyasa and Ashtanga which led to be completing my 500hrs YTTC training India  and staying there immersing myself in yoga and teaching for 6 months.

Since 2029 I have been working as a Yoga Teacher and 200hr YTTC lead trainer. In recent years I have also fell in love with the practice of Rocket Yoga which is a mixture of Vinyasa & Ashtanga.

Rocket Yoga has enhanced my practice so much over the last few years and my strength and flexibility has increased along with it. I have completed and additional 4 Rocket Trainings around Europe & the UK with various teachers over the years which has elevated my teaching and knowledge which I look forward to sharing with you!


Nicola Styles

Hi, I’m Nic, Mum of two beautiful girls, yogi & coffee lover!


I’ve been a fitness instructor for many years, but found my true love with yoga. I’m a qualified Ashtanga and vinyasa flow teacher. 

I would describe my teaching style as creative and powerful, but always throw in a good relaxation.


My classes are for everyone, and suitable for all abilities. I look forward to seeing you on the mat. 

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