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Hot Buddha is more than just a yoga studio... it’s a family! From the moment I walked in I was welcomed by the lovely Sukhy and her family, their energy embraces you on every visit. This same energy flows through every class lead by an abundance of friendly, expert teachers who encourage you to explore what’s best for you personally as part of your yoga journey. Hot Buddha gives me happiness, strength, flexibility and balance. Such an oasis of sanctuary in my very busy life. Thank you everybody for making me feel so welcome.

(Jane Forbes)

Hot Buddha Yoga has meant I can play with my kids and enjoy life again after 3 slipped discs. I feel stronger than I ever have! I can't recommend enough.

(Rebecca Lloyd) 


Hot Buddha is an amazing studio! A wide variety of classes to choose from of all different styles. Always warm and inviting always walk out of class feeling amazing!

(Jack Haselden)

I came to Hot Buddha when it first opened as a way to stretch out my body and to complement and balance out my martial arts and gym training. I soon found that as part of my own personal journey, the benefits of Yoga extended way beyond the physical. The teachers at Hot Buddha have all been exceptional in how they teach and engage with the class. They each bring something individual and the variety of classes and workshops available is a real eye opener into the world of Yoga and provides something for everyone's tastes or needs.

Practicing in a hot room adds an additional level of intensity to the class and I always leave feeling thoroughly stretched, calm and relaxed. A feeling that I take with me throughout the week.

I've enjoyed practicing at Hot Buddha so much that it has inspired me to take up a Yoga Teaching Diploma so that I can share this amazing practice with others!

(Dave Balfe) 


I’ve done a bit of yoga in the past, DVD’s at home, maybe 2 classes over 10 years.... I did 4 classes in one week with Hot Budda! Since having my baby I’ve been frustrated with attempts to get back into exercise... but since finding Hot Buddha I’ve got the perfect blend of a work out and relaxation. I leave feeling like I’ve just done something wonderful for my body! I’ve got quite weak knees & back but haven’t struggled with any of the classes. You can go at your own pace with no pressure from the teachers. Really friendly place. Totally addicted now!

(Nikki Radesk) 


The Studio.. the people..the practise, and all the love..Always grateful to have found you!

(Lisa Tomlinson) 

Hot Buddha has transformed my life, I struggled with my mental health and decided to try hot yoga classes as a way out. The classes soon became one of my coping mechanisms to keep myself active and mindful. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and anxiety disorder a year after I started to attend classes here. The meditative side of the classes have taught me how to deal with my anxiety. I will forever be grateful for having somewhere to go every week to maintain a healthy mind! Thank You so much!

(Jayde Melling) 

I started going to hot budda as I was struggling to find an exercise that didn't aggravate my rheumatoid arthritis.  This makes me feel great after a session and really chilled out and is helping with my joints.

(Sarah- Jane Woolliscroft) 

Wow first session ever and I AM NOT into health or fitness or exercise! I like Xbox!! But this could be the most amazing discovery and recommendation ever. I can not describe the feeling you walk away with entirely but you do feel energised (despite being sweaty, limb shakes, like you can’t do one more flow only moments before), peaceful and light as a feather. See you tomorrow, thanks and Namaste x 

(Gemma Oldbury)

I love hot Buddha so much! You leave with a feeling of peace and calm that stays with you all day.

(Karyn L

Hot yoga is so much more than a work out. In life, there are many ups and downs, and hot yoga has really been my rock throughout difficult times. I was introduced to Hot Buddha and it’s lovely team by my best friend Kerry quite a few years ago. Since, she lost a devastating battle with ovarian cancer, but staying on the mat has made me feel close to her - and still does. All of the team were so incredibly supportive and caring - they even pulled together a fundraiser to help others suffering from this horrible illness. The studio is light and beautiful, the teachers are fantastic. And they guided me gently along the way, teaching me that hot yoga is not just exercising, but a lifestyle.

(Elisa Ruff) 

Myself and my other half absolutely love hot buddha, we started hot yoga a few months ago -having never done yoga at all before and being quite unfit -we were hooked straight away! -theres a wide range of different classes and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Between the two of us we've lost 3 stone! We are so much fitter and healthier, our postures and balance have improved too! We can highly recommend Hot Buddha!

(Victoria Corcoran) 

In December 2015 I sustained a serious neck injury from training in the gym with a personal trainer. A bumpy road to recovery followed my subsequent double disc replacement, with two other surgeries required on my knee and foot. Exercise fell by the wayside and the weight crept on. With a big birthday coming up and determined not be ‘fair, fat and forty’ (as they say), I rejoined Hot Buddha in January this year. After my 30 day initial membership period, my strength returned, the excess stone had shifted, my fitness and energy levels had soared and my Joie de Vivre was back with a vengeance. Although I am a reasonably happy person, I’m also like a woman with a fork in a world of soup at times, I have a stressful job and live life at 1000 miles an hour. Coming to Hot Buddha helps me chill my beans (and fit in my jeans). There is a wide range of classes, suitable for all abilities and I’ve recommended the studio to so many people. I’ve never burned off as many calories in the gym as I do in an hour here, with zero physical impact on my semi geriatric frame! I love Hot Buddha, great atmosphere, great teachers, and great for my soul. The almost 14 mile round trip I make every night to come is totally worth it!

(Debby Littlewood)

Who would have thought yoga was so beneficial to your soul? The atmosphere, amazing teachers not to mention Sukhy make this studio one of a kind!

(Katie Fray) 

This place is an absolute gem tucked away in suburban Warrington! A real mixture of consistently excellent teachers teaching a diverse range of yoga styles that will challenge you physically and spiritually. And such a warm and friendly vibe. I live away and Sukhy and her Family always make me feel like I'm coming home...

(Wendy Johnson)

Two women sat on their yoga mats

Took my first class this morning. Although I hadn't exercised in years and I'm not exactly a spring chicken, I found the pace wasn't too fast, the lovely lady taking the class was just that - lovely!, and the other people there were also really nice. Yes, it's very hot and I found maintaining some of the positions quite challenging, but as a first-timer I'd recommend Hot Buddha to anyone wanting to get back into exercise without prancing about like a mad donkey. Plus you can rest any time you need to- there's no pressure to keep up, which definitely helps! This is exactly the kind of exercise I need to get back to full fitness and help my inner serenity. Thanks and see you again soon for another class!

(Julie Hopkins-O’Keeffe)

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